Insulation Removal In Austin, TX 

When animals nest in attic spaces, they often destroy attic insulation by tearing into it or contaminating it with feces and urine. This is not only messy and smelly, but causes significant energy loss. We will remove all soiled and damaged insulationand replace it.  We can  restore your attic and make your home more energy efficient.

Physical damage is just one part of the danger caused by nesting animals. Urine and feces represent a significant health hazard that must be dealt with by a professional. Our trained experts take great care to removal all contaminants and restore your home to a safe, healthy condition.

  • Rodent Contamination
  • Save up to 30% on your energy bills
  • Keep your home green & energy efficient
  • Improve the indoor air quality
  • Upgrade Your R-Value
  • Your insulation got damaged by rodents
  • Your insulation is 20 years or more
  • Insulation Removal Pricing is between $1.00-$2.00

Our Attic Decontamination Process
First & Foremost We take great care to keep your living space clean and uninfected by covering and taping exposed areas before starting the attic decontamination process. We then look for the easiest way to safely and quickly remove the contaminants.

The machines and disinfectants we use to decontaminate your attic are specifically designed for efficient and safe use during both commercial and residential attic decontamination processes.

Our attic decontamination services are tailored to return your attic to its pre-contamination state. We extricate all the grime, smells, and hazardous contaminants from your attic. Here are the major elements of our decontamination process:

Insulation Removal: Loose Fill Insulation is removd with our large industrial grade vacuum cleaner specifically meant for insulation removal. Roll in insulation must be bagged and removed by hand. 

Dropping/Nesting Removal: We remove the droppings that may have been left behind. using powerful commercial vacuuming equipment while maintaining a safe, healthy environment.

Sanitization & Disinfection: We disinfect your attic to remove allergens and bacteria while killing parasites like fleas.

Re-insulation: We re-insulate your attic with the proper requested material after rodent proofing your attic to prevent future animal infestations.

Effective decontamination of the attic might be a lot of work but it is very important. Contact us today to hire the best attic decontamination company in Austin, TX.

Our Experts

Our team comprises of highly trained professionals with vast experience in attic decontamination and attic cleaning. We are used to handling different situations of attic contamination even the ones that baffle vigilant homeowners. So, you don’t have to let your attic contamination escalate. Simply get in touch and we will be pleased to help you deal with your attic contamination problem.

Apart from removing the animals that are contaminating your attic, we perform comprehensive decontamination while providing animal-proofing services. This ensures that the infestation will not re-occur any time sooner. We handle all kind of attic contamination including rats, raccoons, beavers, skunks, squirrels, opossums and snakes contaminations.

Austin Animal Attic Damage

Contaminated attic insulation removal and replacement is something that should only be done by a professional. There are dangers associated with removing contaminated insulation from a cramped attic or crawl space. From disease to itchy insulation, there are hazards associated in working in a unplanked attic. This includes wildlife that may still be present.

There are Several reasons to have insulation removed from your attic, crawl space or building:

- Your attic insulation is contaminated with animal feces and urine
- Too much insulation in your attic, (To much is just as bad as not enough!)
- Trampled down, damaged or smashed attic insulation in your home
- Water damage or roof leaking ruined your attic insulation
- Attic insulation in older homes may contain asbestos

- These issues need to be dealt with in a timely fashion. We will respond quickly.  We will repair all damage, and remove contaminants safely. The health and safety of your family and home are at stake. Don’t wait to call, we are available 24/7 with emergency response units ready to help!

       Why Is Attic Decontamination So Important?


There are many health risks that are associated with attic contamination. Some of the diseases that can result from a contaminated attic include;

- Toxoplasmosis,
- Histoplasmosis
- Encephalitis
- Meningitis
- Salmonella
- Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
- Murine typus and leptospirosis.


Only a trained professional wearing protective gear should be allowed to access the contaminated area.

Attic Inspection Photos

As an added benefit to our customers, we offer complimentary attic inspection photos to show you what conditions look like inside of your attic. Before we perform services and after our work we will provide you with detailed photos of the condition of your home attic or crawl space.