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We provide a Wildlife Inspection Report to ensure your property is safe and free of wildlife and pests. During OUR inspection, we will check: chimneys, vents, roof, insulation, attic, gutters, eaves, siding, brick, weep holes, foundation vents, weatherstripping, dryer vents, conducive conditions, ridge vents, construction gaps as well as any other area/s of concern pertaining to your target animal !


  (Yes We Get In The Attic)

The Interior Inspection Consists Of One Of Our Highly Trained Professionals Technicians Accessing Attic Spaces, Crawl Spaces, The Attic Is The Space Where Most Animal Activity Takes Place. Our Inspections Here At Cen-Tex Wildlife Control Are Nothing Close To Ordinary, It Takes Expertise And An Extremely HIGH REGARD For SAFETY.

(Call Around And Compare Other Wildlife Control Companies Inspection Fees)

Technicians Will Also, Take Into Account And Evaluate Any Interior Areas That You Have Noted Activity Or Wherever The Animal Problem May Exist Within. 

To effectively solve your nuisance wildlife problem an inspection must be performed. We charge a flat fee of $55 for residential inspections and $75 for commercial properties. If animals are inside your attic or crawl space, it is important that all wildlife entry points are found otherwise the problem will persist.

 If you are hearing noises in your attic, or are under the impression there is an animal living on your property give us a call so we can come out and perform a site evaluation.

We can usually perform a site evaluation the same day you call we, have the fastest response time in Central Texas.

During a site evaluation a technician will search the possible problem areas to investigate for obvious signs of activity or nesting materials. No matter what type of nuisance problem it is our technicians are trained to determine what the problem is where the entry points are and what can be done to permanently exclude your property for the nuisance. At this time you will be given an estimate.

Our techincians are trained with roofs, attics, and other dangerous settings.

If you need an inspection for a foul odor which may be present in or near your home. Centex Wildlife Control offers attic space and complete property inspections to find the source of the odor (most commonly a Dead Animal or Dangerous Fecal Matter).

During thorough inspections we find areas like the photo to the right where rats, and squirrels have chewed their way in.

Rats, mice , squirrels, and other animals use the flaws in your structure to their advantage chewing there way in seeking shelter.

The nuisance animal entry points are commonly in areas out of sight as well as  difficult to get to. Leave the dangerous ladder and attic work to us.